Elderwords on Meeting for Worship

These words were written by Stoke Newington Elders some years ago and have proven useful for many.

These Elderwords have been written in support of the meeting in worship:

A feature of our meeting is the balance we achieve between quiet contemplation and, often profound, spoken ministry. We achieve this by:

  1. Arriving in good time for a 10am start and knowing that Meeting for Worship begins when the first person sits down. If we gather more promptly, we can gather more deeply.
  2. Allowing space between people’s spoken ministry so that we have a chance to absorb and digest the last speaker’s words.
  3. For the same reason, being quiet for the last few minutes of the meeting.
  4. Letting other people’s ministry stand without challenge even if we don’t agree with it, recognising it may have value for someone else.
  5. Speaking spontaneously, with goodwill, and leaving premeditated sharing for Notices afterwards.
  6. Not coming in while someone is speaking.
  7. Ministering only once in any one meeting and being succinct.