“for a sky free from bombs” A Memorial Peace Walk in Stoke Newington

14.10.2017, meet St Paul’s West Hackney @ 11am

This is a walk to remember the victims of aerial bombing in our own neighbourhood of Stoke Newington, and to express the wish for all neighbourhoods world-wide to be free from such attacks. We will start and finish at St Paul’s West Hackney, and include Coronation Avenue, Nevill Road, St Matthias, Shakspeare Walk, Londisborough Road, St. Mary’s, the Civilian War Memorial in Abney Cemetery, Defoe Road, and Dynevor Road.

The walk will include readings of war-time residents’ memories, to illustrate how bombardment with incendiary and high explosive bombs, parachute mines, flying bombs and V2 missiles affected our community. In the cemetery we will be remembering the civilian victims of Stoke Newington, civilian victims of Hackney’s former twin town of Goettingen, and victims of present conflicts, especially the civilians of Yemen.

A detailed on line Memorial Peace Walk Guide is being prepared, to appear on this website by the beginning of October 2017. This should enable people to take the walk by themselves at another time through using the guide. It will also provide useful information, references and illustrations for those coming on October 14th.

Everyone is welcome!