Meeting for Worship

Our main purpose as a community is to offer a space for the search for love and truth to happen in, together. We call this space a Meeting for Worship.

Meeting for Worship consists of sitting in a circle in silence. As the silence deepens someone, maybe you, may be moved to share something, rooted in their experience, of what they have found of love and truth in the silence.

The Meeting lasts for an hour.

After Meeting for Worship there are notices, where news is shared, and then we have tea and coffee and we chat. This is the time in which our community is built.

Join in

To use the space we offer with us is easy. Just come to the top of the stairs of Clissold House in Clissold Park a little before 10.00am on any Sunday morning and you will be welcomed. You do not need to know anything, Quakers have no creed, but anything you know is welcome.

We are a small to medium Meeting, with anything from 10 to 30 worshippers at Meeting for Worship.

For details of the Where and When see Where and When

For some words on how Meeting for Worship is upheld see Elderwords on Meeting for Worship