Where and When

Stoke Newington Quaker Meeting has gone online

From Sunday 22 March 2020 Stoke Newington Quakers will hold a virtual meeting using the Zoom platform. A link will be sent to all on the Stoke Newington Quaker email list. If you would like to join the meeting and are not on the email list then contact the clerk.

Woodbrooke have some useful advice for how Meetings for Worship work online here: https://www.woodbrooke.org.uk/Online-worship-advice

Meeting in person

From 2nd May 2021, for at least a couple of months, we have secured the use of St Mary’s Church Hall to hold a meeting for worship at 5.00pm on Sundays. The Hall is spacious and well ventilated and can accommodate up to 20 well spaced persons. There is no need to pre-notify if you wish to join the meeting, but please do arrive at least 10 minutes earlier than 5.00, so that numbers can be known and alternative outdoor arrangements made for those most able and willing to gather outdoors as an overflow if necessary. Doorkeepers will have final say on who overflows.

The Hall is beside St Mary’s new church which is the one across the road from Clissold Park, near Clissold House, where we used to meet, not the old church which is on the same side of the road as Clissold Park. To get to the Hall go past the new church up Spensley Walk, rather than further along Church Street.

St Mary’s Church Hall

The online meeting for worship will continue online at 10.30.

We aim to review our meeting arrangements in July, and decide then whether to return to Clissold House (if that is possible), continue at St Mary’s Church Hall, continue with the online meetings, or some combination of all or some of these. Elders will be sending out another questionnaire around that time.

Back in the day, and who knows when again, this is where and when we met:

image4Stoke Newington Quakers meet for Worship every Sunday in
Room 3 on the top floor of
Clissold House,
Clissold Park,
Stoke Newington,
London N16 9HJ


The meeting gathers for 10.00am so arrive a little before if you can.
Please note that from Sunday 5th July 2020 the time the meeting starts will change from 10.00am to 10.30pm.

The meeting lasts for one hour.
If it is your first time at a Quaker meeting then this page at the Quaker.org website might be for you: How Quakers worship or you might prefer to just turn up and sit in the silence with us and experience it for yourself. Either way you would be very welcome.

For other SNQ events, most, if not all, of which also take place at Clissold House see the Cycle of Regular Events and our Calendar.

Ground level access to Clissold House is available at the Pleasure Ground entrance (the side facing the small church) and the side terrace (café) entrance. The House has lift access to all floors and disabled toilets.